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Dr. Li Chen (陈莉)-Associate Professor: Li Chen was born in 1969 in Hubei Province, China. She received her B.Sc. Analytical chemistry in 1990 from Beijing University of Chemical Technology. She was an engineer in Tianjin Chemical Plant from July 1990 to August 2000. She received her PhD in pesticide science from Nankai University in 2005. In the same year, she became an associate professor of Nankai University. Her current research interests include: 1) New methodology for organic synthesis and natural products; 2) studies on the design, synthesis, bioactivities and SAR of bioactive natural product analogs. She has been published more than 20 papers and applied 11 Chinese patents.




Selected Publications

  1. 岳晓东,陈 莉*,李卫东*,取代薁酮的反应性研究:秋水仙碱合成新策略的探索,化学学报,2012, 70, 2029-2036

  2. Chen, L.; Huang, Z. Q.; Wang, Q. M.; Shang, J.; Bi, F. C.; Huang, R. Q., "Insecticidal Benzoylphenylurea- S-Carbamate: A New Propesticides with Two Effects of Both Benzoylphenylureas and Carbamates" J. Agric. Food Chem. 2007, 55, 2659–2663.

  3. Chen, L.; Ou, X. M.; Mao, C. H.; Shang, J.; Huang, R. Q.; Bi F. C.; Wang, Q. M., "Synthesis and bioassay evaluation of 1-(4-substituted-ideneaminooxy-methyl) –phenyl-3-(2,6- difluorobenzoyl)-ureas" Bioorg. Med. Chem. 2007, 15, 3678–3683.

  4. Chen, L.; Wang, Q. M.; Huang, R. Q.; Mao, C. H.; Shang, J.; Bi F. C., "Synthesis and Insecticidal Evaluation of Propesticides of benzoylphenylureas" J. Agri. Food Chem. 2005, 53, 38–41.

  5. Chen, L.; Xie Q. L.; Sun L. J.; Wang, H. L., "Synthesis and characterization of 1-ferrocene -carboxysilatranes and crystal structures of FcC(CH3)=CHCOOSi (OCH2CH2)3N and p-FcC6H4COOSi(OCH2CH2)3N" J. Organometallic Chem. 2003, 678, 90–94.

  6. Chen, L.; Xie Q. L.; Sun L. J.; Xie, Q. L., "Synthesis and characterization of ferrocenyl- alkoxygermatranes and crystal structures of FcCH2OGe(OCH2CH2)3N and FcCH(CH3)OGe(OCH2CH2)3N " Appl. Organomet. Chem.2005, 19, 1038–1042.

  7. Chen, L.; Wang, Q. M.; Huang, R. Q.; Mao, C. H.; Shang, J., "Synthesis of Ferrocenoylphenylureas and the Crystal Structure of FcCONHCONHC6H5" Appl. Organomet. Chem. 2005, 19, 45–48.


  1. 李卫东、陈莉;光学纯左旋三尖杉碱和分离提纯方法;中国发明专利,专利号:ZL200910068015.0,授权日期:2011.04.27。

  2. 李卫东、崔佳、陈莉;N-取代基-O-硅基取代-丝氨酸三氯乙酯化合物及其合成;中国发明专利,专利号:ZL200910071005.2,授权日期:2012.05.09。

  3. 李卫东、白迎军、陈莉;Salinosporamide A及其类似物的不对称全合成;中国发明专利,专利号:ZL201010203965.2,授权日2012.07.25。

  4. 李卫东、秦涛、陈莉、陈贵才;常山酮氢溴酸盐及其类似物的合成方法;中国发明专利,专利号:ZL2010110257723.1,授权日:2012.11.25。

  5. 李卫东、敬大江、陈莉;5-硅氧基—酮羰基异庚酸和6-硅氧基—酮羰基异辛酸及其酯类和合成方法;中国发明专利,专利号:ZL201110138416.6,授权日:2014.02.21。

  6. 陈莉、李卫东;三尖杉酯碱类似物及制备方法和应用;中国发明专利,专利号:ZL201210051802.6,授权日:2014.12.10。

  7. 陈莉、李卫东;高效高立体选择性半合成三尖杉酯类生物碱的方法;中国发明专利,专利号:ZL201110193584.5,授权日:2015.01.28。




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